Don't you hate it when you go to a company to purchase either their products or services and you can't find a price anywhere in site? So do we – but when it comes to Local SEO, Email and Video Marketing Services, each of these can differ in price due to many contributing factors.

For instance, pricing of our services are dependent on:

  • How large and complex your local website is.
  • How competitive your target market is.
  • How much custom work is needed and how much time will need to be invested.

For example, a local car dealership that wants the full package (Local SEO performed on their large website, a video made to advertise their current specials, and a custom email newsletter) requires much more work than the local Mom & Pop store that sells hand-made crafts and knicknacks that just wants to build their email list.

However, we don't want you to hate us so below is a rough idea of what you can expect for pricing.

ITIM Interactive Media's Local SEO (search engine optimization) Campaigns start at $500/month.

ITIM Interactive Media's Email Marketing Services start at $275 for the creation of the graphic email template, and $150/month for the entering of your newsletter information and sending it out to your list.

ITIM Interactive Media's Video Marketing Services start at $300 for a 60 second video creation, and $125 for video submission and optimization.

For a detailed quote, please contact us.