ITIM Interactive Media is serious about Local SEO and we work hard to ensure you get the best local SEO results that you can get. To rank well for a localized term, such as “Concord fitness boot camp”, requires that you not only have an optimized website, but some additional work as well.

Below are the six areas ITIM Interactive Media concentrates on when you hire us for Local SEO:


To be competitive online with your local business, you must know many things, including: Which search terms and phrases return local results in your industry for your business' city? Where and how well do you rank for these terms and phrases? Who, according to the search engine results, are your competitors, and how many citations, photos, and reviews do these competitors have? What categories and niches are they primarily targeting?

ITIM Interactive Media performs this research and analysis for you so that you and your local business may truly have the upper edge.


If you do not have a Google Place page for your local business, ITIM Interactive Media will help set one up for you that is perfectly optimized. And if you do have one, we will audit the page to ensure you are getting the most value from it via the usage of proper keywords, that each field is as optimized as possible, and that you have not used any potential spam triggers which can cause your page troubles in the long run.


In order to rank well in the search engines so that your customers, both future and present, may find you and your products/services you must have a website. But not any old website will do. Many small, local businesses, in order to try to save money, will typically try one of three things: try to make the site themselves, hire a friend or relative at a really cheap rate to make it, or try to use cheap automated website creators online (which gives your site a cookie-cutter appearance).

Now we are not saying that doing this is necessarily wrong, but we do want to warn you that nearly every time the site is not optimized for Local search results in order to rank well. What ITIM Interactive Media will do is go through your site methodically, looking for all the ways you can get higher search engine rankings.

Some changes and/or additions we may recommend you do are URL 301 redirects, title and heading tags to be formatted correctly, adding or changing the site's meta description, and optimizing of your business information such as address and phone number. This list is only some of what goes in to making a website rise to page one of the search results, and ITIM Interactive Media can help you get there.


Besides the search engines, in your business being cited by local online business directories? If so, is the information correct and up to date? You may be surprised to know that tens of thousands of online small businesses either have few to no listings in these business directories, and a good majority of those who do show up have incorrect or misleading information. ITIM Interactive Media will help you to get into these directories, which not only provide a great service to your customers but will also drive traffic to your site.


Is your local business listed on the popular and highly-visited review sites? If not, do you know how to encourage your customers to visit them in order to leave you reviews? And do you know how to properly respond to a negative review? ITIM Interactive Media knows that reviews are an important factor in your local search rankings and we will help you to implement these strategies as well as update your website so that it is easier for your customers to review your business.


The final important area that must be performed correctly in order to achieve the highest possible results in the search engines is link building. However, the standard link building strategies are not enough – you must link both local link targets as well as industry specific targets. This shows Google and the other search engines that you are obtaining the right content, from the right sites through the use of the right links. ITIM Interactive Media will ensure you are sending the right signals that will get your local website ranking in the local results.

Attention all restauranteurs, massage therapists, skin care professionals,
auto body repair shops, and anyone else who wants their
business to rise to the top of the search results!

ITIM Interactive Media is ready and willing to help! Contact us today!