With over five years of experience online and three years as a focused Internet Marketer, Brian Blanc and the team at ITIM Interactive have earnestly followed the trends and new technologies while also sticking to the basics of good business practices.

Over the years they have used many different services for all of their online marketing needs, and below are the ones that they personally recommend as the best of the best.

1-800 Number Service - Free Trial!
FreedomVoice has virtual phone systems powered by its patented FreedomIQ VoIP technology for small businesses of all kinds. It lets you choose your own toll free or local number, and provides all the features you need to be able to answer your incoming calls from wherever you are. On top of the basics, FreedomVoice also features an auto attendant, call forwarding and even includes an internet faxing service.

Available at just $9.95 per month, FreedomVoice is a choice any small business should consider.

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