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March 27, 2012

Did Your Website Designer Have Basic Knowledge About SEO?

One thing that many local business owners do when looking to come online is hire the least expensive person they can find who at least appears qualified to build their website.

Sometimes they get lucky and the website comes out looking awesome, but looks can be deceiving!  Just looking great is not enough if the designer did not also take the time to ensure the website is also search engine optimized.

So why is SEO such a big deal for the web designer to know? Read on to see how Qaman from One SEO Company explains it:


Why Your Web Designer Should Know About SEO?

Search engine optimization should be incorporated in your website development plan from the start to the finish. And it doesn’t end there. SEO is a continuous process that needs proper maintenance to keep your business at par, if not on the edge from your competitors. Hiring the right web designer who is also equipped with SEO skills is your first step in building a well-structured and optimized website. Always remember that a well-optimized and well-designed site offers better user experience and increases user engagement.

— Qaman Zaman, One SEO Company


So as you can see, web design is much more than just making a pretty site.

But what if you already hired and paid a designer to make your local business website and now you don’t know how to fix the SEO problem? Not to worry! Contact ITIM Interactive Media today and we can discuss with you how we can help make things right for you and your local business.

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