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July 12, 2012

Article Marketing For Local Business Owners

In this blog post I would like to discuss the form of advertising performed online known as article marketing. Article Marketing is used to drive traffic, both online and off, to your business, and also gives the reader the perception that you are the primary resource of knowledge for the topics of your articles. Typically when you want to promote or give advice on a certain subject you would write an article between 300 to 700 words, and the subject could be, for example, about yourself, your business, or even about a product of service you offer.

All articles that drive lots of traffic for your business follow a formula: They begin with a title that draws the reader’s interest, the first paragraph introduces what will be discussed, then the body expands on what was just promised – typically 3 to 5 sub-topics. Then the article is summarized in the last paragraph, and finally a resource box with your pertinent information is included at the very end, along with your website URL.

After the article is written, the next step would be to place them onto article submission sites where people go to find the information you wrote about. Besides that, article directories also encourage those with email newsletters, blogs and other information websites to copy the articles they want to use on to their sites, which in turn gets you more people reading your information, which in turn drives more traffic to your business and website.

So as you should now be able to see, article marketing is a great way to promote your business by writing and submitting articles written about what your business does and what your business has to offer to the public. However many local business owners find that with running their business they don’t have much time to be writing these articles themselves, so they hire outside ghost writers to do it for them.

But be forewarned! Finding a good writer who is knowledgable about your business and/or your business’ products or services, as well as is dependable to write articles that are full of great information can be a hassle and quite stressful. But when you find a good writer (or team of writers) they can be as precious as gold to your local business.

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