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April 25, 2013

Search Engine Optimization Advantages

There are many advantages that you can gain with using SEO. With SEO, you can get your webpages listed on SERPS in natural search results. The clicks that are done on natural search results do not cost anything, they are completely free. You do not have to pay a fee when someone clicks on your listing in the SERP. SEO of course is not completely free. There is typically a little money needed to optimize your websites in the search engines; and also your time and effort as well. The money you spend on SEO is often a lot less than what it would cost you for PPC.
A big advantage of SEO is that it can give value to a website. A website that is optimized for search engines that has good quality content, backlinks, user-friendly, and has an improved design are favored by Google and other search engines. The SEO factors listed above make a site better in all aspects.

SEO is also good for building an authority site. If your website has content that is high quality, you can establish a wonderful reputation with the topic of your website with authority. These types of sites have a lot of weight with search engines and also with people-users as well. The factors above can make humans become more attracted to the sites; which makes them come back for more. They are often known to recommend your site to others, which helps gain, more traffic to your website as well.

The authority and value that a site can get through using SEO can give you results that last for a long period of time. When a site is good, it’s good. If you have the correct SEO and are ranked high, you will gain more conversions and traffic.

Search Engine Optimization: Disadvantages

There is a lot of work that goes into SEO. It is very labor-intensive. SEO includes creating content, link-building, doing keyword research, social networking, and also social book marketing. Writing the content creation will take a lot of time and resources on its own. Many people outsource the work, but that also costs money.

Besides the hard work involved, SEO takes a lot of effort. That often means there will be continual work and it can be very time consuming. Once your SEO efforts reduce after your rankings get higher, you will have less work; but that doesn’t mean you won’t have any work at all. With SEO, there is always work.

You will soon see that once you have done a lot of SEO work, you will not see a quick result. It takes time for you to see anything returned for the efforts that you have completed. SEO requires a lot of patience and is definitely not recommended for someone who wants to see results right away. SEO doesn’t typically bring in results relying on the number of clicks you get; or your traffic amount. You will get results that you can see, and at times there will be enormous results; but it will not be on a rapid basis.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – What Are The Disadvantages?

The cost that comes along with a campaign can be the biggest downfall of PPC. With each click that your ad gets, it will cost you. The most expensive keywords per click are competitive keywords. They are also the most profitable. It is important to manage your expensive when using pay per click, but it can be tricky. PPC can be very costly if you don’t know how to deal with the campaign correctly.

Picking out keywords for a campaign can be difficult as well. Competitive keywords are often desired, but they are more expensive; as said above. It is important to find keywords that stay in your budget for PPC, but are still competitive enough. This is not as simple as you may think.

The most important think to keep in mind about PPC is that it does not have timeframe of effects like a traffic generated method does. The results end as quickly as you no longer use your campaign. Your ads will no longer be shown when this happens.

PPC is for short term use, or for people who want immediate results. SEO is used for long term use and is less costly. It may take longer for results, but in the end it is the cheaper option. If you want to get results quickly and pay more out of pocket, then PPC may be the option for you.

SEO & PPC Together

Many marketers who have used both SEO and PPC have been very successful. Some marketers use SEO plus PPC to have the optimum traffic that they can. SEO is used to get rankings higher on the search engine results pages, and PPC is used simply as a short term method to promote projects and limited time offers as well. Using both options can boost the sales and also your websites rankings drastically.

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